Hygienist Services – for regular preventative care

The main task is to instruct you correct cleaning techniques to efficiently remove damaging plaque that forms on teeth. Then at intervals appropriate to you, remove deposits of tartar missed or that reforms before they cause damage to the gums or teeth that would require repair work.

It is Important that Oral Hygiene instruction is carried out in the mouth. We ask that you bring all of your own brushes, “tooth cleaning kit” including pastes, floss & mouth rinses to any Hygiene appointment. Correct cleaning technique is about as “technique sensitive” as playing golf, so we find that lots of people are unaware of what good cleaning “feels” like. This has to be taught in person “hand on hand” with brushes in your own mouth… Let us teach you to win the game!

We have recently introduced a “Revolutionary New Way” to clean teeth much more pleasant and efficiently than a traditional hygienist or dentist scale and polish – For details of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) click the link button to the right.

Brushing surfaces
Twice a day, two minutes each time.
Brush the teeth you want to keep!

Flossing gaps
Floss and clean spaces between the teeth once a day.

Gum line pockets
Clean into deeper gum line “pockets” if they form. Reduces future gum detachment or root decay

At Tangmere we employ the services on Dental Therapists to complete Hygiene work. The Therapy role in the dental profession covers a greater scope for more complete overall care.
All Hygiene appointments are undertaken by a Dental therapist and a Dental Nurse assisting. The assistant is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the surgery and all instruments between patients and also to assist with treatments making them safer, quicker and more comfortable for you. This also means the Therapist can spend more of your appointment time with you, ensuring a better end result than a “sole-worker” could in the same time.