Payment Options – ways to budget and make dental care more affordable

We recommend that all regular patients join one of our preventative maintenance schemes. These are offered once a patient has completed initial treatment and is in the maintenance phase of care.

On the scheme’s are calculated to save money on the combined cost included benefits when paying the standard private rates. This is our way of rewarding regular patients by discounting the costs of private treatments.

Finance including 0% options – payments and early payment discounts

The cost of quality dental repair work can be high so apart from offering more economic treatment choices we have a range of payment options and plans that will help spread or even discount costs:
Finance including Interest-free credit and low rate finance options
Discounts for full payments made in advance
Wide variety of credit cards accepted
Remember that quality work is generally more durable and so more economic over time. If this is out of reach we can explore more economic treatment options as it is always better to do something to prevent deterioration towards more complex treatments or tooth loss. Also, the finance schemes we administer can allow you to proceed now and pay later.
(Terms and conditions apply)

Payment Policy

As we offer so many payment options we do not offer a credit facility during treatment. Therefore unless you have taken up one of the other options, you will be asked for payment at each appointment. Please ensure you bring this with you so that we can continue with your treatment.
New Patient Appointments and Specific treatment requests – A booking fee is required to secure an appointment, which is credited towards treatment cost. For certain specific treatments where the assessment is included, such as tooth whitening or BTX injections this fee is credited against treatment cost or refunded if you are found to be unsuitable.

Finance schemes
Three options are offered through the practice underwritten by Hitachi finance. A credit agreement (subject to approval) is taken out and this then allows you to spread costs into manageable installments for treatment you need now, without compromise:
Interest free 0% APR finance: 6 months on accounts over £700.00: 10 months on accounts over £1000.00: 12months on accounts over £3000.00.
Low Rate 7.9% APR finance: 24-36 months on accounts over £1000.00: 48 months on accounts over £3000.00
“Buy-now-pay-later” finance on accounts over £250.00. Interest free over the 1st 6 months during which time you can settle if you wish and pay no extra. After which the account automatically rolls on to a 24 month interest bearing account at 19.9% APR. Even during the interest bearing portion of the agreement you can choose to settle early and pay less interest overall.

Discount for full payment in advance
After assessment you will be given an itemised estimate of treatment costs. On accounts of over £250 and should you not wish to take up any of the other finance options we offer a 5% discount for payment made in advance by cash, credit or debit card before the first treatment appointment over this amount. (Limited to one discount per payment over £250 in any treatment course).
As cash or cheque refunds cannot normally be given, the use of cards allows refunds, should the proposed treatment change and fees reduce. You can still pay by cash or cheque but you would have to accept that any overpayment would remain on your account as credit towards any future treatment.