Magnified Intra-Oral Video and Magnified operating scopes

Miniature magnified in-mouth camera
“Seeing is believing”… “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”… All sayings that apply that apply to our miniature in mouth camera.

Tangmere Dental was one of the first practices in the UK to introduce intra-oral video back in 1996 and was actually featured on National TV and press for this innovation to help improve dental health.
Every Clinic is equipped with a high resolution and magnification intra-camera used for:
Magnified visual diagnosis at every new private consultation
Explanation of current condition as we can show you easy to understand images
Taking physical photos to give to you and help you consider your options
Record photos on your file for future reference and comparison
Helping to actually show you the progress (or deterioration) in your dental health

Book for a new patient examination… we are confident this one item will impress you most.

Most of the photos used on this website are taken with our intra-oral camera or our DSLR Camera with macro lens and ring flash.

MagnaVue – Microscopic Operating Display

Clinic No 1 – is equipped with the highly specialised MagnaVue camera incorporated in the dental light. This also can record video and images; mainly used by the dentist to refer to during treatment as its has high magnification and high contrast allows the finest detail to be seen during treatment

More often than not the use of high magnification actually allows us to avoid more complex treatments.
In this case, we did. Left undetected this crack would have caused tooth loss or at best a root filling if left any longer.

Dental Loupes

All of our Dental Surgeons use dental loupes up to 4.5x’s magnification. These “binocular” like lenses allow magnified direct view with extra light so the dentist can “really see what he is doing” during treatment. This improves accuracy and so the quality of the work achieved.

The view a dentist gets looking by naked eye with just the dental light for illumination. (approximated image)

The view a dentist gets using 2.5x Dental Loupes with extra headlight illumination. (approximated image)