Durable repairs – mean less replacements in a lifetime

To reduce the amount of treatment you have in a lifetime it makes sense to choose the most durable repair option for teeth.
Every repair has a lifespan so the earlier a longer lasting repair is chosen the less repairs that tooth will ever have.

Especially a heavily filled tooth, when it fails generally it soon needs repair again and again eventually needing a more expensive crown. A Cerec inlay at the outset skips the intervening repair fillings saving time and money and actually avoids a full crown.
This is borne out by the result of a report from a German Dental Insurance company that shows Cerec Dentists bill less on average so costing less.

Cerec Porcelain – The New Standard for material durability & Safety

  • Twice the compressive strength of enamel.
  • Actually increases strength of tooth unlike conventional fillings.
  • Roughly same wear rate of enamel so does not excessively wear opposing teeth unlike existing porcelain for Crowns.
  • Similar coefficient of thermal expansion & contraction so does not stress tooth when heated or cooled like normal fillings, so leading to less cracks & breaks.
  • Reduced complications with a lower incidence of pain or root fillings after repair with Cerec than other materials.
  • Does not corrode releasing potentially toxic substances such as mercury from amalgam & free monomers from composite fillings.
  • Better life expectancy than previous best material, Gold (supported by independent studies).
  • Similar cost and sometimes cheaper than conventional crowns as do not need the added cost of a crown core as standard crowns frequently require.
  • Beautifully cosmetic repair mimics tooth colour accurately
  • No metal content so no black line joins and no solid unnatural appearance
  • Made and fitted on the same day with no need for impressions or unreliable temporaries