Services and Facilities

To offer a full range of services the practice has a range of specialised equipment, several unique to the area allowing us to offer a greater choice of options.

Good equipment and facilities are important, as can be illustrated by the saying “If you only have a hammer all you can do is bang in nails!” So basic equipment means more basic treatment with reduced choices and options.

We have carefully selected what we offer based on what is best for you such as:

  • Best Practice facilities to offer a clean safe environment
  • Accurate and clear visual diagnosis using magnified video
  • A true focus on preventing disease and maintaining health thereby eliminating treatment altogether
  • Microscopic magnification to allow clinicians to see the tiniest detail to maximise accuracy
  • When repair is needed offering the most durable safe materials and systems available

However the most important service that we choose to provide is care and time, we always put you first when providing care to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

This has always been an overriding principle to exceed required standards and so exceed expectations.

The Cerec Ceramic system makes any tooth part including crowns and veneers while you wait with:

  • No Impressions
  • No second appointment days or weeks later
  • No temporaries needed
  • Beautifully cosmetic and safe material being closer to natural tooth than any other
  • And most importantly most durable and long lasting repair available today

Tangmere has one of just over 700 machines nationally and is unique in the local area

Best Practice Decontamination facility to ensure highest standards of cross infection control
Magnavue and miniature in-mouth video allows microscopic inspection and accurate treatment provision allowing identification of defects not visible to the naked eye
Digital X-ray System gives instant high-resolution computer images and uses a significantly  lower x-ray dose for greater safety
Drill Free systems available when appropriate reduce the need for injections and allows minimally invasive dentistry reducing treatment needs.
Barrier safety systems isolate the tooth treated making removal of mercury continuing fillings safer. Then we have the option of Cerec Ceramic solid porcelain to replace it the most biocompatible and safe material available