Drill Free Filling Technology – the basis for minimally invasive dentistry

Treats very small cavities early arresting decay and keeping more healthy tooth
avoids over-drilling and minimises the risk of nerve damage and root fillings

The Prep Start Unit – Air Abrasion system
Air abrasion uses a very fine jet of high-pressure air containing a micro abrasive to smooth away tooth surface softened by decay. The tooth feels very little in the process as the abrasive size is so small. The best example is that you would feel a handful of sand thrown at you a lot less than a single rock of the same size! It is only the air jet that can be a little sensitive making about 1 in 10 teeth need numbing injections.


Carisolv Gel
When decay gets too soft air abrasion does not work as the abrasive simply clumps up. Carisolv gel is then used which simply and safely dissolves decayed tooth so it can be scrapped away.


Ozone therapy – PrimoLogO3
Ozone is generated from the oxygen in the air at the treatment site only. Ozone kills all microbes including bacteria, fungi, & viruses. Where decay is present but there is no tooth surface loss, ozone can be used to sterilize the site making the the decay inactive & then fluoride can be applied to re-harden the tooth and encourage natural healing without a filling. Where a cavity is present Ozone can be used to after the hole is cleaned to make sure the no active disease is left causing possible pain or premature filling failure. Ozone can also be used therapeutically for treatment of certain gum conditions, ulcers of sores or any area where microbes need to be eliminated!