Practice Safety

We have always had a policy to “stay ahead of the curve” with high tech equipment and facilities to improve treatment quality and safety. We are proud of our safety procedures and confident they are amongst the best you can find. Think if you know of anywhere more hygienic?

For several years the practice has already been using:

Balanced Pressure Ventilation systems throughout the building

performs six air room changes per hour, with the air going through filters and a heat exchanger for safety and to be Eco-friendly.

Computerised Decontamination and sterilisation facilities

Computerised with bar-code tracking to eliminate human error. We know all instrument used on you are clean and sterile.

3) HEPA filtered High volume external suction

Removes airborne debris and aerosols from our procedures at source, so tiny droplets do not hang in the air and potentially infect us or the incoming patient.

Barrier safety systems

 Rubber dam and the Isolite isolation systems are routinely used. They are in-mouth barriers and high-volume suction that again control saliva and debris in the mouth as well as limiting aerosol generation and increasing comfort and safety.

Dentiguard, uses the safest most natural disinfectant known.

Based on Hypochlorous acid the same as used by the bodies own immune system.

Always improving and investing to keep you and us SAFE

Who would have thought simple PPE would have caused us to close for longer than we have liked. We are almost there, you can see “fit-testing” for PPE in the picture to ensure it works!

We are still investing for upcoming treatment facilities!

 Recently added at Tangmere Dental Care

DentalAir External High Volume Suction Unit

The practice has once again been involved with concepts and expoloring external suction, first approaching Dyson with the idea and then obtaining and evaluating one of the first extraction units of a similar concept from a local firm Vodex UK Ltd near Southampton. Dr Liano is convinced that local “catch it, kill it, bin it” measures are the most effective and will become the new normal to keep dental treatment affordable and accessible.

  • High level PPE that is properly fit tested, so we know it is of high standard and actually works! This is what we were waiting for to reopen.
  • Virus-Killer air filtration technology – Air purification units that kill all known pathogens including Coronavirus and all strains yet to come. It also gives a visual indicator that the air has been cleaned.
  • Upgraded high volume external extraction systems – The DentalAir Suction system incorporating Virus-Killer technology to suck away and kill any potential contaminants in the working zone just above the mouth.

We are also cost checking to provide value along with the best services we can for the most competitive prices even though the Covid-19 situation is inevitably increasing costs.