Digital X-ray Imaging – Radiography Services

X-rays are a vital part of diagnosing underlying or “unseen” problems.

We can literally “see through” a structure including enamel, gum, root and bone to detect problems early and in several circumstances advise measures that can be taken to stop or minimise the need for treatment.
It is therefore accepted that it is generally safer to have an x-ray as long as there is a “need” to investigate and the x-ray dose is kept as low as possible than it is to avoid it and possibly experience more complex or risky treatments.

Our x-ray services maximise diagnostic success and minimise x-ray exposure
Digital x-ray sensors – significantly reduce x-ray dose compared to normal film
Digital Pan-oral machine – scans from outside the mouth, full jaw or smaller sections
Beam aiming devices – reduce x-ray beam size and so x-ray dose
Instant Images – fast and reliable images with no chemical developing errors
Magnified viewing – viewed on large calibrated screens defects are easier to see
Computer enhancement – software enhancement can be applied to increase detail

Intra Oral Sensor with Beam aiming device reduces x-rays by an extra ~50% in addition to the ~80% reduction with digital.

It produces high-resolution instant images


Panoral Full Jaw Scan
The machine scan around the outside of the head to produce either a full jaw scan or smaller sections as required.
This avoids the in-mouth sensor if the patient is unable to tolerate it but the images are of lower resolution.