Six Month Smiles - 6MS

A cosmetically focused fixed brace system using white arch wires and clear brackets, intended for fast reliable results that can correct greater discrepancies than clear aligners. Fixed braces are generally recommended when correcting more complex cases with very crooked teeth.

Alternatively Invisalign is an option

Monthly progress of a 6MS caseInvisalign clear aligners

Six Month Smiles – works by “rounding-out” the arch with the teeth moved into a slightly wider curve until they appear straight. A little space is created by smoothing tight contacts between teeth so extractions are rarely required.

Can you see the “Clear-braces” in the middle photo?
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Six Month Smiles uses Clear brackets & white wires

What does it involve:

1) Consultation – this appointment is complimentary to explain the procedure and see if you are suitable (so some photos and x-rays will be taken) and establish approximate costs for you.

2) Records appointment – Take records including more photos, x-rays and impressions for models. The brace will be designed.

3) “Braces-on” appointment – the clear brackets will be bonded to your teeth with wires and possibly elastics or springs activated to start moving the teeth.

4) Adjustment appointments (monthly visits required) – teeth contact points are polished to create a little space to allow teeth locked together to slip past each other using the activated wires.

5) “Braces-off” and retainer fit appointment. The final results are revealed and the required retainers are fitted to the back of the front teeth.

Tooth Whitening included and a set of retainers is included on completion of both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign treatments at Tangmere making them exceptional value