What is Six Month Smiles?
It is a fixed orthodontic “Clear-brace” system that has been simplified to focus on aligning the smile teeth for Cosmetic reasons on adults in a significantly shorter time than conventional orthodontics.

It can achieve results like these in four to nine months – Finished Cases

Can you see the “Clear-braces” in the middle photo?
See Mia’s Story on www.sixmonthsmiles.com

Six Month Smiles uses Clear brackets & white wires

What does it involve:
1) Consultation – this appointment is complimentary* to explain the procedure and see if you are suitable (so some photos and x-rays will be taken) and establish approximate costs for you.
2) Records appointment – Take records including more photos, x-rays and impressions for models. The brace will be designed.
3) “Braces-on” appointment – the clear brackets will be bonded to your teeth with wires and possibly elastics or springs activated to start moving the teeth.
4) Adjustment appointments (monthly visits required) – teeth contact points are polished to create a little space to allow teeth locked together to slip past each other using the activated wires.
5) “Braces-off” and retainer fit appointment. The final results are revealed and the required retainers are fitted to the back of the front teeth.

Special Offer –  Tooth Whitening included** on completion of six-month smiles

How does it work:
Simply put the teeth are “rounded-out” and moved into a slightly wider curve until they appear straight. A little space is created by smoothing tight contacts between teeth so extractions are rarely required.
*A charge is only made for short notice cancellation or non-attendance. **If clinically appropriate (no alternative cash value included)