Dental Health Examinations

Assessments tailored individually for you focused to maintain health

Everyone should have maintenance visits at intervals appropriate to them. Like the “Forth Bridge” regular maintenance prevents the need for repair.

  • New Patient Consultation
    We truly believe you will be impressed after having our assessment of your teeth and mouth. It is “very comprehensive” usually taking about an hour.
    This includes:
    – Head and neck assessment – feeling for possible tumours or abnormalities
    – Jaw Joint Assessment – feeling for abnormalities in jaw function
    – Gum assessment – using international BPE scoring system
    – Full Dental Charting – evaluating and recording current tooth status
    – Tooth wear analysis – tooth wear can be a problem for some people
    – Occlusal bite check – an unbalanced bite can cause not just tooth problems but pains in joints or muscles of the head and neck (problems in the head, neck, spine or even legs and feet can be identified in the jaw!)
    – Magnified Video Assessment – visually identifies decay wear or cracks at very high magnification
    – Radiographic assessment – (only if required) Digital scans and in-mouth x-rays to check for any signs of pathology or abnormality
    – Diagnosis – identifying possible cause or causes of current condition(s) to advise of possible treatment alternatives and costs of various options.


  • Maintenance Dental Health Examinations
    Covering most of the above, a comprehensive regular assessment normally lasting 20minutes. Intervals between these examinations are set according to your risk usually between six and twelve months apart.
    At each Maintenance exam, we look for
    – Risk factors that could cause future disease in teeth
    – Ageing existing filling or crowns that may be OK for a while and estimate lifespan
    – Any deterioration of tooth condition and any changes required to completely arrest or at least slow this down
    – Any deterioration in tooth condition that actually require intervention to repair
    – Diagnosis – we aim for total health and at each visit, we try to get you a little closer to “zero” treatment goals.
    – DEPPA/Previser computerised risk assessments as appropriate to help put you on a healthier path

You will be advised of diagnosis at each visit.
We only undertake radiographs, x-rays or intra oral video exam if indicated by anything of note at the examination.
DEPPA/Previser assessments are normally carried out approximately every two years for out Private patients