Prediction and Prevention of Dental Disease

Long gone are the days that a visit to the dentist was just to repair a tooth. Even regular check-ups to catch things early with the dentist having a quick look round are a thing of the past at the modern preventative practice.

Future Dental Care has arrived where we can predict dental disease with a reasonable degree of accuracy.
If you can be forewarned of potential problems before they occur then at least you have a chance of heading them off by making changes.

How is this achieved?

In Mouth Magnified Video
Most people are unaware of the current condition of their mouths, so showing you and then helping you to understand why some conditions occur helps you to prevent the same re-occurring in the future.
Also the very high magnification helps us to see very tiny things that are impossible to detect with the naked eye and so can target things before they becoming a bigger problem.

Digital Radiography
We use digital intra-oral x-rays, which are not only safer due to their low dose but can be computer enhanced to reveal things that normal film just cannot.
We also have a digital extra-oral scanner that can take full scans or smaller sections of the jaw from outside the mouth, which enables us to diagnose more than small in mouth x-rays alone.

Maintenance Dental Health Checks
Once we get you to a standard where all pre-existing disease has been treated or stabilized as much as possible, we recommend an appropriate maintenance cycle of dental health examinations. These are comprehensive screening visits with the aim of preventing dental repair work altogether.

Individual and Family Dental History
A real clue to your future risks is the previous treatment you have already had. Also family history plays a huge part as it has been proven that resistance or susceptibility to disease has a strong genetic factor. We take this into account and formulate the best program of counter measures to aim for a future “zero-disease-rate”.

DEPPA Previser Computerized risk assessments
The Previser computer algorithm was developed by Michigan University USA and has been proven to be twice as accurate as any dentist at predicting your risk for future dental disease. Including Gum disease; Tooth decay; Tooth Wear or Mouth Cancer. As a private patient once we have over two years history for you we will undertake this assessment and advise you accordingly. If you know about the risks it is possible to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Prediction of your future oral health feel free to use the online DEPPA/Previser Self Assessment tool by clicking on the following link:

What’s Your Dental Score? Click here to find out.

Please note that this is a basic cut down version.
The full assessment in conjunction with guidance from your preventative dentist is much more effective at reducing disease rate, avoiding expensive repair work.
If you are “disease prone” we can still help reduce dental disease and treatment.
If you are “disease resistant” do not get complacent, your teeth may still need to last a hundred years!
We are geared to help you whatever level of care you need.
You need Healthy Teeth to eat, talk, smile and laugh… we will help you do this for life with confidence and comfort!