Item DescriptionPrivate Fee
Examination and DiagnosisItem / Range / or Specified
Routine Examination£69.75
New Patient Examination (extensive assessment lasting between 40 - 60 minutes) excludes Imaging£95.00
New Patient Imaging package (includes all required x-rays and photos taken at initial examination including full scan if required)£62.75
Full Jaw digital scan radiograph (x-ray)£85.00
Small intra-oral digital radiograph (x-ray) including dose reduction collimation£20.00
High Magnification intra-oral video diagnosis and reference photographs£20.00
Child and Young Persons Examination ( Under 6yrs - 6yrs to 17yrs of age)£35.00 - £47.50
Preventative Services
Simple Scaling (Cleaning the visible tooth surfaces) 15min - 30min appointments£55.00 - £82.50
Periodontal treatment root surface debridement (Cleaning below gum level) normally 30min to 60min HYG appt per visit£110 - £210
Hygienist visit (Disease prevention instruction and cleaning) normally 30min appointments £82.50
AirFlow Guided Biofilm Therapy GBT (upgrade added to Hygienist visits) £12.50
Note: All Hygiene visits include the cost of Dental Nurse support so the clinician does not have to divide attention between cleaning and clinical care. This increases efficiency, comfort and time to provide excellence of service & safety
Fluoride varnish applications (hardens teeth, arrests decay and reduces sensitivity) per visit £23.50
Fissure Sealant Application (Seals microscopic fissures in teeth preventing decay/cavities in them) per tooth£37.50
Prepstart Air abrasion cavity diagnosis per visit added to fissure sealant / resin restoration visits£30.00
Restorative Services – Fillings Crowns & Bridges
Note: All of our Fillings and restorations are “layered” and “bonded” as a routine and not extra
Barrier Isolation system (for safer metal filling removal and increased comfort) £20.00
Drill Free Systems use – Air abrasion / Carisolv per visit £30.00
Preventative Resin Restoration – smallest white filling incl. sealant£95.00
White Fillings - all layered and bonded - from small to large with all options£125.00 - £375.00
Cerec Ceramic Inlay / On-lay – polished surfaces £750.00 - £895.00
Crown Core Fabrication (Not required if Cerec Ceramic Crown option chosen)£300.00
Porcelain bonded to metal Crown (UK labs used) Basic to Premium quality£795 - £895
Cerec Ceramic Full or Partial Crowns - Premium £895.00
Basic Porcelain Veneer (UK labs used)£700.00
Bridge to replace a missing tooth - adhesive wing and a single tooth - from; basic quality£1200.00
Bridge to replace a missing tooth - conventional single unit and single support - up to; premium quality£1850.00
Aesthetic (Smile) Zone Cosmetic Services
Cerec Ceramic Premium Crown or Veneer with Aesthetic Kiln Glaze (Personalised Shade Glaze to colour match) £1000.00
Prescription Tooth Whitening (Full course of gels and trays)£425.00
Facial wrinkles and lines smoothing muscle relaxing injections / 1 - 3 areas (additional areas fee is product dependant)£240 - £350
Hyperhydrosis (treatment of excess sweating) Facial areas as above - Fee shown for both arm pits £450.00
Fillers - Lip Volumsaton / Cheek Definition£350 / £650
Invisalign - Cosmetic Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening£3975 - £5275
Surgical Services including Implants
Routine Tooth Extraction £180.00
Difficult and surgical extractions (up to most complex wisdom tooth extraction) £225 - £600
Bone and gum augmentation per session of treatment (additional vials of bone graft material) from£600.00 (£225)
Bone Augmentation and grafting required at Implant placement appointment from £399.75
Sinus Lift or block bone graft (replaces bone with a graft where insufficient bone exists to place an implant) - from £1000.00
Routine Implant including Crown (excl assessment, x-rays, bone graft) Per unit £3130.00
High Complexity Implant with Sinus Lift Bone Graft & Crown (excl assessment, x-rays, bone graft) approx max cost£5505.00
Root Canal Therapy – Specialist equipment routinely used
Simple Root Canal Therapy (excl x-rays / diagnosis / filling or crown repair) £575.00
Molar tooth Root Canal Therapy (excl x-rays / diagnosis / filling or crown repair) £675.00
Complex Molar Root Canal with Re-treatment or post removal (excl x-rays / diagnosis / filling or crown repair) - from £812.50
Dentures – fees are per plate
Full upper or lower acrylic denture / Fee is for Basic to Premium £1000 - £1475
Partial acrylic denture / Simple to most Complex £875 - £1765
Cast Cobalt Chrome light metal base dentures£2100 - £2390
Special tray impressions when required added to above £90.00
Emergency & Other fees
Emergency appointment – "in-hours" registered patient minimum fee (more costly treatments add to this) £60.00
Emergency appointment – "in-hours" non-registered patient minimum fee (more costly treatments add to this) £95.00
Emergency Rota Appointment fee - “Out of Hours” (At a Dental Practice <20miles from Tangmere / excludes treatment costs) £200.00
Emergency Rota Treatment fee from (added to "Out of Hours" fee above as applicable / At a Dental Practice <20miles from Tangmere) £80.00
"Out of hours" additional fee to complete normal treatment by arrangement £200.00
Fees Correct from 2nd January 2024