Maintenance of Health – predicting and preventing future disease so reducing treatments

It is important to understand that natural tooth structure is the only thing that will last a lifetime when well cared for. All man-made repairs and materials have a limited life and as such will need replacement when it wears out and with each repair it normally becomes more extensive and complex.
Also if the disease process that caused the original failure is not recognised or acknowledged, then the disease process will simply continue either in the same tooth, (in the tooth structure next to the nice new filling, crown, bridge or veneer) or in another tooth.

Another fact that is not well known is that dental disease including cavities and gum disease rarely gives any pain or signs until only complex extensive treatment is possible to repair. Worse still if disease causes tooth loss the presence of disease can prevent tooth replacement. Even dentures may not be possible, as a significant number of people simply cannot wear a plate as they find them uncomfortable.
So enough bad news, because if you think about it too much it can be depressing, but it is important to stress that the simple solution of caring for your natural tooth structure is more important than you think.
The good news! It is possible to predict and prevent dental disease and so maintain healthy tooth structure without the need for any repair treatment at all.

A major part of our care is focused on maintenance of health. We do this through several active preventative treatments:

Showing you and educating you how and why disease is progressing in your own mouth and demonstrating techniques to balance and reverse the process.
Identifying risk factors and countering them with preventative treatments such as sealants or antibacterial treatments.
Establishing a program of preventative maintenance for your mouth. Tooth and gum structures need professional servicing similar to a car, and just like cars, individuals have different service intervals and requirements to optimise life expectancy.
And if repair is required offering you the choice of the most durable and non-toxic biocompatible repairs and materials available today.
This is a major aspect in achieving a smile for you. It works! Even for nervous and phobic patients as avoiding treatment is what we all want
And remember we all need healthy teeth
To smile and laugh with our friends and family
To able to enjoy a good meal and eat without difficulty
To enjoy life without discomfort or persistent pain
To avoid expensive dental repair treatments which cost much more than maintenance.

Disease vs Health
It’s a simple choice, but to choose health for a lifetime you need to start appropriate care early
The diseased teeth were comfortable and pain-free

Simple cleaning and Hygiene can be a simple step towards health.
How often you need this is dependant on the efficiency of your home cleaning

Our Therapists will teach you efficient cleaning techniques to help keep you healthy day to day. Efficient technique is a skill that needs to be taught correctly to prevent wasted effort.

Deep fissures in teeth cannot be cleaned but they can be sealed to prevent bacteria getting into the crack causing decay and so avoiding a filling.

Antimicrobial applications can be applied to the teeth or gums to reduce disease for those who are at high risk assisting in maintaining health.