Interdental Cleaning – vital cleaning between the teeth to maintain health

Flossing – Cleans theĀ 20% of a tooth surface a brush cannot reach

Flossing is important and most people that have healthy teeth into older age have learnt to floss
It is a challenging technique to learn but once mastered it usually only takes one minute to floss all of the teeth which is much less time than you spend brushing.

  • It should be noted that floss is the ONLY thing that will clean the contact point where the teeth actually touch up against each other.
  • Also, that floss should be used to clean down into the gap under the gum between the teeth.

Flossing is not the only thing that can be used between the teeth.

Mini-Flosser – an alternative to floss for people who find using floss difficult

Mini-Flosser – Worth a try if you find the technique of holding regular floss difficult

Superfloss – pre-cut lengths of floss with a built in threader & expanded section for bridges or splinted teeth

Interdental Brushing – TePe brushes or similar

Interdental brushes come in several sizes as finger held or with brush handles – Your therapist will advise you