Smile Straightening – Orthodontics

Orthodontics – Six Month Smiles and SmileTru

We have invested in the Six Month Smiles Orthodontic system which is different from the conventional metal brace in the picture and also SmileTru which is a Clear Aligner system similar to Invisalign.

Six Month Smiles is a simplified orthodontic system to cosmetically straighten just the smile teeth using clear brackets and wires in a much shorter time than conventional orthodontics. Usually between four and nine months with an average treatment time of six months.

SmileTru is almost identical to Invisalign using a series of computer generated aligners that sequentially pull the teeth into position without fixed braces at all.

These systems are suitable for adults who have crooked, misaligned or gaps between their front teeth and want straight teeth quickly without the unsightly conventional metal braces.

Conventional Orthodontics is still required for youngsters who require a change in jaw and bite alignment as well as straightening the teeth. This is most effective during the “growth phase” influencing jaw and bone growth as well, usually making it a lengthy process often taking between 2-3 years.

Adults can have conventional orthodontics if correction of the back teeth bite, jaw profile or if a correction of the midline position of the front teeth is required.
Conventional orthodontics is not available at this practice but we can offer referral to a specialist if required.

Six Month Smiles can straighten the teeth but cannot correct the misplacement (front to back overlap) of the jaws As seen in these pictures.

If you simply want straight front teeth quickly and you feel your back teeth meet correctly then Six Month Smiles is for you.

If you what the overbite correcting then you will require conventional orthodontics.