After many bad and terrifying experiences at the dentists, I found myself panicking about the fact I was in need of a number of fillings. My extreme fear of dentists was leaving me with a strong feeling of dread and many sleepless nights. Fortunately I remembered a magazine I had purchased a while ago, called At Home with Nicky Hamilton-Jones, the magazine had around fifty pages covering the best dentists in and around the U.K. many of these dentists sounded like the answer to my troubles, but one stood out above them all because of his strong belief in preventative dentistry and the fact that he was up to date with the latest techniques including drill free fillings. After visiting Paul he instantly puts you at ease and explains each phase of the treatment throughout the appointment. Paul now has my complete faith and trust and will happily travel the 560 mile round trip to see him whenever necessary as I have never met or heard of a dentist who is a patch on this wonderful man.