I’m very glad you and Suzanne gave me a clean bill of health recently. It is now well over a year since you did my implants so I think we can safely say they are a huge success. I know you were a little reluctant to proceed given all the problems with my mouth but I’m most grateful to you for going ahead anyway. I’m particularly impressed that you managed to place the implants at sufficient angle to avoid the need for either sinus lifts or bone grafts – that took some skill (and a bit of hammering!). Before I came to Tangmere I had been to four other implant centres, two of which turned me down, one wanted to remove all my remaining perfectly healthy top teeth and fix in a completely new set and the fourth insisted on sinus lifts and bone grafts and quoted me an astronomical price. You can see why I was happy to find you and prepared to drive over an hour each way for every visit. It’s great to be able to eat properly and enjoy my food again. Thank you so much.