Denplan Supplementary Insurance

Included on all schemes (Children’s and the Membership) as well as Essentials. It includes the following benefits:

1) Cover against “Out of hours” call out fees. Emergency call-outs normally costing £180 (£200 at Christmas, New Year and Easter) are paid by Denplan on completion of a claim form. Note the minimum treatment cost of £60 still needs to be paid by the patient.

2) World-wide accident & emergency cover – serviced by a 24hr helpline number from Denplan that will help you find a local dentist for emergency treatment and cover the majority of the costs. Dental injuries cover has certain limits per item of treatment that do not always cover the full cost of each item.

3) Up to £12,000 mouth cancer treatment costs for up to 18 months following a positive diagnosis. Smokers are included for this cover

4) Up to £62 for every night spent in Hospital under the sole care of a dental oral/ maxillofacial surgeon for treatment in relation to head and/or neck.

Refer to their booklet for full details of conditions & limits for the supplementary insurance can be found on Denplan Web site at:

Useful Numbers for Denplan when away from Home

Dental Emergency Helpline UK: 0800 844 999

Dental Emergency Helpline Overseas: +44 1962 844999

General Rules and exclusions to all schemes

The dentists ultimately decide admission or retention on any scheme or band and the practice can request a change of band or deletion from the scheme if inappropriate to the individual patient. Any such decision is final but you will be offered the reasons for this.

Registration has to be maintained with continuity to benefit from the scheme. If the scheme is cancelled within six months of first registration then full treatment fees may be reinstated with the sum of the monthly payments deducted from the total and an invoice for the balance submitted to the patient, parent or guardian.

On commencement of registration to a scheme, monthly payments need to accrue for at least three months before entitlement to included routine examinations and hygiene appointments apply. New patients who pre-register on the scheme in advance, must complete the “new patient consultation” and the “Hygienist 1st visit including preventative instruction” appointments (which are different to and much longer than the included routine visits) and are charged at the normal private fee.

Included treatments (examinations and hygiene visits) are spread out over a complete calendar year, so extra visits intended for review or extra hygiene visits on a course of treatment may be chargeable even if the annual allocation has not been reached. Included treatments are generally counted over a calendar year. Additional routine examinations and hygiene appointments are excluded from the 10% discount as savings exist in choosing the appropriate scheme band for annual maintenance requirements.

During treatments courses that take time to complete, you will be considered to be “under care” and as such may not need an included examination or hygiene visit. There will be no refund for these items.

No refunds will be given for included benefits/visits not taken in any time period in the same way that no invoice will be submitted for any balance of charges as long as registration is maintained for the minimum period.

Treatment “need” is always the overriding factor and so if a patient attends for a scheme included examination with a problem needing immediate treatment this appointment may be changed to a chargeable emergency appointment for that treatment. The included examination or hygiene appointment would possibly be rebooked to complete at a later date.

If included maintenance appointments are not required due to the clinical condition being healthy then included treatments may be deemed unnecessary and therefore be deferred to a later date without refund if included visits in a year are not actually taken.

If appropriate the dentist may suggest a change of scheme band as all bands include “up-to” a certain number of included visits for examination or hygiene. If included appointments are not taken for any reason, monthly fees are not refundable.

Schemes are intended for regular attendance (with the exception of the Membership scheme) for preventative care. Without this preventative care, disease is more likely to occur that could have been avoided. It is a condition therefore, that registered patients “try their best” to comply with instructions to help reduce treatment need. If neglect is deemed to be a constant cause of disease (resulting from a lack of home care and hygiene or non-attendance for preventative visits) we reserve the right to terminate the scheme.

A fee to cover staffing costs will still apply if a patient fails to attend or cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, even if that appointment is normally included at no charge on the scheme. Another no-cost appointment will be booked as long as this fee is settled. A patient can choose to forego the missed maintenance visit, in which case staffing charges will not be made.

All patient’s accepting treatment or registration agree to settle any outstanding accounts as requested otherwise future appointments may be deferred until accounts are settled. Accounts overdue by more than one calendar month will attract interest at 3% per calendar month (unless prior agreement has been sought and approved by the practice).

Discounts stated are approximate and are generally rounded up within the nearest £0.05. All scheme fees are correct as of 01/02/2020.

Some treatments are excluded from the discount benefits. Generally, all treatments required for health are included. Exclusions include non-required treatments requested by the patient (eg amalgam removal and replacement with white filling), all purely cosmetic treatments, Implant treatments and some material costs. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Terms of the Denplan scheme have been specifically tailored to the practice and as such may be unique to this practice. The discount on treatment is a discretionary benefit applied by this practice and so the cost of patient savings are actually borne by the practice and not paid by Denplan. All terms and benefits are subject to alteration at any time subject to notice in writing.

Certain limits, terms and conditions apply to scheme registration and supplementary insurance from Denplan themselves. Please refer to Denplan literature or contact Denplan helpline on 01962 828000 for details