My smile has never been so white! Quotes Barry Great Service

S. McKay from Liverpool

After many bad and terrifying experiences at the dentists, I found myself panicking about the fact I was in need of a number of fillings. My extreme fear of dentists was leaving me with a strong feeling of dread and many sleepless nights. Fortunately I remembered a...

A Aston-Clarke, Patient for over 20years

Paul Liano has been my dentist since 1991 and I have visited twice yearly ever since. The most ‘drastic’ treatment I have undergone during this time was the removal of a very small amalgam filling in my upper left six, replacing the metal with white...

C Farnes, Chichester

I have been delighted with the care and advice I have received at Tangmere Dental Clinic – despite my age my teeth have never been in better condition Quotes C Farnes Chichester

Mr & Mrs Burgess

Just to say thank you once more for such a thorough and professional job that you have done on Christopher’s chipped front tooth. We are really pleased after such an anxious weekend that you were able to see him so promptly and efficiently to address the...

Mrs D Jarzynski, Age 76

What a great difference my implants have had on my life. No more embarrassment of loose dentures. I was worried about both the cost and the procedure, but I have not regretted either thanks to Paul’s kindness Quotes Mrs D Jarzynski Age 76