Six Month Smiles – Monthly stages of a case completed at Tangmere Dental Care

The case below was quite a complex case of a young lady who did not smile much. Notice how by widening and aligning the smile, the width of the arch (palate) has increased giving more space for the tongue improving the airway.

Before we started
Severe crowding and a reluctance to smile

 Narrow crowded arch with crooked teeth

Braces on appointment
Notice the bend in the wire as each month goes by

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four

Month Five

Month Six – Braces off

Notice the fixed retainer wire placed to keep the teeth straight.

Now she’s happy to smile – six months is the average treatment time
Most cases are completed in 6 -10 months

Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic braces system designed to straighten teeth in less time with clear braces.

Only the smile teeth are broadened and aligned, no correction of bite discrepancies is intended and the widening of the palatal arch, in this case, was totally coincidental.